Quick guide to use Bitrix24 integrated app
and standalone application for salespeople
- How to use sales scripts

1. Open the app page. You will see a list of created sales scripts. To continue you will have to select the script you need.

2. You should select the CRM object in the first script node you are going to work with (the screenshot contains the scheduled call from the list to make today). You can see the information you will need to contact a customer. The text has fields from CRM with the contact details the call is intended to and the company of the contact.

3. Depending on how the situation develops you should click on the buttons of available options and go to the next nodes:

A well-thought-out script will lead you to a dialogue without having to think a lot. All the information you need is in front of you and at the right time. All the reminders are in the right place to keep everything in mind. The versions with CRM make the access to information about the client and allow to update it much simpler. All the changes in the CRM are made on the fly.

The option to use customer data in a standalone app is unavailable.

- How to manage sales script designer

In the first place, you should set set the access rights option when you open the module or application. In Bitrix24 cloud version the user opening the application will be on the list and it will be necessary either to set the rights of proprietor, editor or user of the sales scripts. The web app will require you to set the access rights to create, edit or use the sales scripts.

Then, in Bitrix24 you should select the CRM fields you intend to use in the scripts:

Tick the boxes and save. The web app does not have this feature because it does not have CRM.

After that you can start creating the sales scripts:

Go to "Sales script management" (1), enter the script name (2), press "Save" button (3).

You will see the script in the list. It can be renamed (1), edited (2) or deleted (3):

Then you should open the edit section:

By clicking on the rectangular box you will be able to (1) edit the node and export the script as well (2) and import it (3). All the nodes of the script you edit will be replaced when you import the script.

Press the first node:

  1. Text formatting tools, add links, tables, images
  2. CRM elements insert menu (Bitrix24 option only)
  3. Field to insert your text and CRM elements
  4. You can select additional answer options in the user interface except for those created automatically from other nodes
  5. You can add an empty node preceded by the node you edit Then save it, open again and click on the "Add" button and you will get an empty node in the tree:

Open the editing section of a new node:

Write the question (1) (keep it short and clear, the way a customer would ask it for the salesperson to be intuitively understood). Then write the answer to be given by you. Tick the boxes of required nodes "Repeating answer" (2). You can access these nodes immediately from anywhere using the drop-down list. Press "Save". Edit the node with the second version of the customer`s question.

Important: Currently, the nodes cannot be dragged and dropped, reattached to each other, cut or copied. The nodes order is chronological. Please keep this in mind and think over the steps in advance. The future app versions will be free of the said inconveniencies.

Now you can enter the data from CRM in the first node:

Click on the CRM button (1), hover the cursor over the "Company" (2), click on the title of the field (3). CRM field tag will appear where the cursor is. In the menu you can access the fields you selected by ticking the checkboxes in the "CRM fields" section.

Then we create a required number of nodes with necessary options of answers so that your sales personnel know what to say to the customer.

Click on the "Save" button and go to the salesperson interface ("Home"):

Click on the link and open the script:

You can opt to work with the scheduled calls (1), randomly selected contact (2) or lead (3). Calls, contacts or leads that meet your search criteria will appear in the drop-down list and you can select the ones you need (4). You will see then the text, reply versions of the customer (5). 6 - drop-down menu enables you to make a fast selection of important predefined nodes "Repeating answer".

Improve your sales performance!